Social media campaign


ClearPlay wanted to boost social media engagement and content and teamed up with the BYU AdLab to create a better social presence.




1. The Challenge

ClearPlay's social channels had relatively low fan engagement and slow growth. The company wanted to create new and exciting content that connected to the brand.

2. The Medium

Most of ClearPlay's audience included young parents and families who are looking for clean content related to movies to watch together. Our research suggested focusing our messages on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

3. The result

Engagement increased slightly and facebook followers increased almost 10%. Content quality increased and the client was excited about new ideas to elevate ClearPlay's social presence.

Project Highlights

Client:              Clearplay

Date:                 Summer 2015

The biggest takeaway from this project was seeing what types of content were successful and which ones weren't. Producing content that promotes interaction was a good learning experience and changed my perspective on content creation. I gained a lot of knowledge of social analytics and had a fun time working with talented copywriters and art directors.

The highlight of success from this project was the creation of "The ClearPlay Couch". This became an icon of the brand that symbolizes together time watching movies and having clean fun. This piece of branding is still being used by ClearPlay on various social and blog posts as well as movie reviews.

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