Baskin Robbins

Mobile app / social media


Ice Cream is my favorite food. I decided to create an app that celebrates the greatest super-food on the face of the planet.



UX Design


Young adults, 16-35 years old, high media

consumers, socially active.


Ice Cream is a standard “go to” food for any

occasion. People eat it to celebrate, to mourn, or

to match whatever mood they could be in.

Big Idea

Screaming is a universal expression that matches

any mood. It’s a common expression connected to excitement, fear, anger and joy. Baskin Robbins’ brings everybody a reason to scream for... Ice Cream!

Project Details

Client:              Baskin Robbins - Spec Work

Date:                 Winter 2014

This app provides a unique experience for users to communicate with friends and interact with Baskin Robbins in a fun and unique way.

As a side project, I kept thinking of ways to let users relax a bit and not take themselves too seriously.

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